Galega olive oil Passeite | Coimbra, Portugal


Marije Passos moved with her Portuguese love to Coimbra (central Portugal) and has her own olive grove and a restaurant there. The olive grove currently has over 1200 trees, but it is still picked by hand by family and friends. Marije shares her knowledge about olive oil wherever she can by giving workshops and tastings. She is committed to sustainable production and stands up for small producers. A highlight every year is when its olive oil and the olives and oil from other small producers in Portugal come to the Netherlands by sailboat. Marije herself makes several ‘olive oil blends’ from different types of olives that grow on her land. This ‘Dutch Blend’ is an extra virgin olive oil from the olives of old Galega (typical Portuguese variety) and young Picual and Cobrançosa trees. The oil has a delicate taste with a hint of almond, apple and has a soft bitter and pepper in the ‘finish’. Delicious on tomato salad, as a dip with bread, and crispy cooked vegetables.